Both first-time moms and those with lots of experience find that Reiter, Hill & Johnson has the full range of services they need to feel comfortable and safe throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum follow-up.

With twenty-four providers of obstetrical care on our practice, we have the skills and experience to provide excellent care throughout your pregnancy. Through your series of visits, you may choose to meet primarily with one physician or to see each of the delivering doctors.



Reiter, Hill & Johnson provides routine gynecologic care and management and treatment of gynecologic disorders for women in every stage of their lives.

Our doctors also offer surgical consultations, second opinions, and perform operations. When appropriate, we can accommodate our patients by performing procedures in our offices (i.e. BRCA, Sonogram, Colposcopy).

Here at Reiter, Hill & Johnson, we understand that being pregnant and having a baby, while being a joyous time, can be an adjustment and present challenges.

From support groups to lactation support, from therapy to medication, we are confident we can assist you through this time. We find treatment is essential to delivering a healthy newborn and becoming a happy, healthy parent.


Reiter, Hill & Johnson is a comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology practice with:

  • thirteen physicians
  • four nurse¬†practitioners
  • one physician assistant
  • a team of excellent sonographers
  • a large support staff
  • and the most-up-to-date equipment

Reiter, Hill & Johnson is an established and
trusted healthcare resource for all our patients.