We are very proud to offer RHJ patients access to in-house lactation consultation by our very own board-certified lactation consultant and Nurse Practitioner, Katie Blanchette.

Breastfeeding is an experience unique to each woman and pregnancy, and is a learning process for mom and baby. Katie sees pregnant and postpartum patients alike for a 30 minute appointment to offer guidance, teaching, and support. Topics covered in the consultation range from:

  • personal breastfeeding goals
  • breastfeeding best practices
  • breastfeeding challenges
  • using and understanding lactation devices and breast pumps
  • supplements to breastfeeding and more

Currently, consultations for postpartum patients who will be bringing their newborn with them can only be scheduled in our Chevy Chase location. Katie utilizes a breastfeeding specific scale that is calibrated to one-hundredth of a gram for maximum accuracy in pre and post-feed weight recording to best measure how much baby is taking in at breast feedings.

For more information about lactation consulting and breastfeeding, please visit the following resource pages: