On Thursday June 4th, RHJN physician assistant, Nidhi Rustgi, and medical assistant, Nicole Hakenson, hopped on a plane to the scorching farmlands of Bainbridge, GA in order to participate in the week-long Emory University School of Medicine’s Farm Worker Project. The Farm Work Project is run through the Physician assistant program at Emory University, and is focused on bringing free health care and supplies to under-served migrant farm workers in southern Georgia.  Some of the issues that the medical team treated were: dislocated toes, UTIs, hyperglycemia in diabetic patients, heat exhaustion, ulcers, arrthymias, newly diagnosed pregnancies, PID, pesticide exposures, rashes, and musculoskeletal concerns. Despite 12-14 hour days in the grueling heat, Nidhi and Nicole kept up their spirits with the knowledge that they were helping families who would not be able to find or afford health care.The duo escorted 9 boxes of supplies that were generously donated by the employees at RHJN and included:

  • Crayons and coloring books for children
  • Clothing
  • OTC medications
  • Contraceptives
  • Feminine products
  • Crutches
  • Microscopes
  • Various medical tools and devices


Overall, the two said it was an extremely gratifying week that gave them both perspective and humility in regards to the lives of the farm workers who endure such hardship in the pursuit of a better life.