Antibody Testing

Based on patient interest, we are excited to share that we now offer COVID-19 antibody testing. This is an FDA approved blood test that checks to see if you have had past exposure to the coronavirus. Your body makes antibodies when it experiences infections like COVID-19, and remembers the virus so it can fight back if it returns. Whether you were sick earlier this year and are wondering if it was COVID-19, or think you have had recent exposure, testing can help.

Why would you want to get tested?

● Get answers, understand immunity: If antibodies are present in your test, this means that you have been exposed to COVID-19 and that your body developed a response to fight it. This is important because it means that you are likely to have some level of immunity to the virus.
● Contribute to science and public health: Scientists are working around the clock to learn more about COVID-19 as they prioritize our public health and safety. Understanding antibodies is critical as we figure out how the virus spreads, when symptoms are present, and how vulnerable different populations are. Put simply, widespread testing will help to expedite efforts to fight the pandemic.

How can you schedule testing?

The antibody test is a simple blood test that can be done right in our office, and your results can be discussed over a telemedicine visit. Since we are an Ob-Gyn provider, we are currently only offering antibody testing to women. Follow these simple steps for testing:

1. Call our office to book your appointment.
2. Come into our office for a blood test.
3. Review your results on a follow up telemedicine visit.

In just a few days your results will be ready and you can review these with your provider over a virtual visit.